Community Summary

Community Type: Sustainable - Sustainability is the key to the long-term viability of any community and Project TriStar defines a clear difference between communities based on Sustainability versus Survival.

Location: Australia - The geographic location of the community is Australia, however, the exact location and size of the land parcel is information reserved for community members only

Conscious Principles: Spiritual - The community is founded on the concepts of eternal evolution of the soul, conscious expansion, and alignment with natural and universal laws.  Community members have a mutual goal of attaining the highest levels of conscious awareness through experiential learning.

Construction Start: TBD - Community planning is underway and will continue in accordance with the Development TimelineConstruction of the community will occur simultaneously as development of subsystem designs are completed.

Construction End: TBD - A modular and cost effective design allows for efficient construction with short subsystem lead times.  Infrastructure subsystems are fabricated and then delivered and installed at the community site. Development and construction will be completed as soon as humanly possible.

Open to New Members: Yes - Membership will remain open until otherwise posted. A membership limit will be set once a detailed occupancy assessment has been completed in conjunction with the community planning and development. A completed Member Application is required.

Application Required: Yes - Access to the community is by membership only. Each prospective member must complete a Member Application.  The membership committee processes each application through review boards, personal interviews, background checks, and reference checks.

Population Limits: none - A modular community design allows for flexibility with facilities expansion and population limits.  The maximum population will be determined based on a combination of funds availability, resource assessment, environmental impact, and membership projections.

Age Limits: none - There are no member age limits or discrimination based on race, creed, color, age, religion, or sex, etc.  The community believes in providing this unique lifestyle opportunity to young and old and is prepared to provide the necessary support to those who are approved for membership.

Kids Without Adults: Yes -  Minor children are accepted without their parents as long as the children can conform to the community Lifestyle Guidelines and their parents have communicated directly with the Membership Committee and provided their written consent.

Community Decisions: Committees - Several committees comprising hundreds of community members have been established in order to plan, develop, and operate the community project. Members must apply and be approved for committee level participation.

Identified Leader: No - As a community founded on the principals of co-creative manifestation by the committee members, management team, and the entire community, there is no individual that maintains a title of leader.  The nature of co-creation is that every person is a leader and provides something of importance to the whole.

Facilitator Name: Ivan Stein - As community facilitator, founder, and project developer, Ivan is responsible for the community conceptual design, management selection and organization, oversight of all aspects of the planning and development, and coordination of committee activities.

Leadership Core: 100 to 200 - The leadership model utilizes committees to define, implement, and moderate different community subsystems, guidelines, and procedures.  Each committee has between five and twenty members working to co-create a cohesive bond between every community subsystem and the members.

Governance Rules: Yes - In order for any community to thrive, there must be a common understanding between everyone in the community.  Besides a description of the community lifestyle, this includes a summary of basic rules, policies, and guidelines.  The ultimate goal of a co-created community is that everyone is individually responsible, accountable, and self-governed.

Individual Financial Requirement: Voluntary - Community members are not accepted or discriminated based on their financial means or financial contribution. Those who have access to funds participate voluntarily.  In either case, everyone participates in the physical needs of the community operations and functions.

Currency Unit: USD, EURO, AUD - All forms of monetary denomination are accepted for financial contributions to the community project.  Funds are converted into the currency of choice by the Financial Committee as necessary.

Financial Alternatives: Yes - All community members agree to voluntary participation in the community operations and may also contribute financially, with resources they possess, and through skill sets that support the project development.

Open to Members with Debt: Yes - The Member Application, personal interviews and background check are used to gain an understanding of the life experiences and circumstances for each community applicant.  The membership committee then takes into consideration whether debt is circumstantial or deliberate in order to determine how an applicant lives by the laws of manifestation.

Labor Contribution: Mutual - All community members agree to voluntary participation in the community operations.  Community work assignments are defined by the Membership Committee and are based on skill sets, experience, and the member desires in order to facilitate care and maintenance of the entire community project.

Specific Skill Requirement: No - Skill sets are necessary, desired, and important for any community to function and flourish, however, there is no predefined requirement or discrimination based on an applicant's skills.  Community members are assisted, as needed, in developing skills that may be required for the care, operation, and maintenance of the community or in relationship to their gifts and spiritual quests.

Physical Land Allocation: To Be Determined - Although one Project TriStar community location has been determined, this sustainability model can be applied in any location.  Visit "Where Will It Be Safe?" for more information on choosing a community location or Possible Earth Events for more information on the coming potentials that may impact your choice.

Land Ownership: Community - The community is set up as a corporate entity with all land ownership and management responsibilities handled by the corporation.  Although land and other forms of property ownership are not considered important to most community members, they are still generally required to develop such a community project at this moment in history.

Living Quarters: Shared/Communal - Living and sleeping quarters are arranged as shared rooms with four bunk beds per room for those who are single and two double bunk beds per room for couples to share or for couples with dependent children.  There are no individual rooms or residence.  Each room contains nominal storage for the occupants clothes and sundries.

Primary Facilities (pre events): Below Ground - The primary community facility is constructed below ground level as a practical precaution for the possible Earth events.  Several passages provide access for outside activities as environmental conditions permit.  Some above ground structures are being built for use in various functions as needed.

Primary Facilities (post events): Above ground - It is understood that mankind is intended to live above ground. Materials and preparations have been made to facilitate the construction of above ground structures once it has been determined that outside environmental conditions are stable and safe.

Personal Pets: No - For reasons of practicality, feeding, and maintenance, personal pets are not allowed in the community. The committees will determine if some community animals will be maintained for human contact and rodent population management.

Livestock: No - For reasons of practicality, feeding, and maintenance, livestock are not part of the community project.  It has been concluded that livestock and livestock byproducts are not necessary or desired to maintain optimal human health and nutrition.

Dietary Practice: Raw Vegan - Optimal health of every member is a goal and necessity for a community to thrive through these challenging times.  As such, all food production and preparation are designed for an exclusive raw vegan diet.  This means no consumption of cooked foods, processed foods, or animal products and byproducts such as meat and dairy.

Dining: Cafeteria Style - In order to accommodate a large community population in the most efficient, practical, and healthy means possible, all meals are provided in a cafeteria style common dining hall.  All food preparation is managed by the Food Services Committee staff who coordinate kitchen and meal cleanup activities for the entire community. Consideration is made for special dietary needs, but there is no access for individual meal preparation.

Primary Food Source: Growing - All food will be grown from non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds whenever possible and in the most organic and natural methods available.  Food production for the entire community is maintained in the underground facility to ensure complete self-sufficiency and autonomy through any possible above ground weather anomalies.

Secondary Food Source: Growing - Above ground crops will be utilized whenever possible throughout the community development efforts and to create food stores.  This food source is not a necessity, but rather a practical approach while preparing the below ground food production for full operation. Above ground crops are managed, maintained, and replanted for long-term use.

Disallowed Substances: Yes - The community is alcohol, tobacco, and drug free.  This community is based on principles of optimal health for the mind, body, and soul.  As such, only medicinal products of a naturopathic and homeopathic nature are allowed.  Absolutely no hallucinogenic substances are allowed for social and/or spiritual uses.

Prescription Meds Allowed: No - The community defines optimal physical heath as a pain free physically nurtured existence in optimal nutrition, and without the use of constant medications to eliminate or reduce the side effects of chronic issues.  Every member is advised to transition from all forms of prescription medication before entering the community.

Weapons Allowed: No - As a community that is founded on the principles of being a consciously aware co-creative society, there is no need or desire to be near or have possession of weapons for protection, defenses, or the destruction of wildlife.

Education Style: Waldorf Methodology - Understanding that education is the key to sustainability, advancement, and the long-term viability of any community, education holds a very prominent position in the community. The education system is created to support all ages and to nurture the gifts and  talents in all members.

Economic Style: Compassionate Consumption - The community operates without money, barter, or trade systems. Compassionate consumption is founded on the principle that every member provides their skills without expectation or need for personal compensation, members consume only what is necessary to maintain a moderate lifestyle, and that all member skills are equal and important to the greatest good of the entire community.